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Site Rank Reporter (Firefox Extension)

Last Update: October 10, 2008    

Site Rank Reporter loads data from CSVs exported by Aaron Wall's Firefox extension, Rank Checker, and allows you to view ranking by keyword in graph format, or, export ranking data from a range of dates into a single CSV or HTML file. You can also create ranking graphs by loading a CSV generated by Rank Checker's Export History function, or by loading a CSV generated by Site Rank Reporter's own CSV export function.

Install It

Compatibility: Works with both 2.x and 3. FF3 offers a more intuitive date selection interface.

Loading Data

Important Note: Sometimes, Rank Checker will export CSVs in which the heading is slightly off - there will be a blank cell between the Keywords heading and the first search engine. This bug will interfere with SRR's ability to parse data, so if you receive an error when loading your CSV files, please check for this issue. Click here to download a sample CSV file (use "Save Target As" from the right click menu).

Another common issue related to this problem is using Excel or OpenOffice to manually remove the blank column from the CSV. Sometimes these programs rewrite parts of the data. If your CSV file contains a blank header, use a simple text editor to remove the extra comma.

Site Rank Reporter looks for files in the specified directory ending in .csv and having a MM-DD-YY, M-D-YY, MM-D-YY, or M-DD-YY filename format, and ignores all other files.

You can choose to load and view data from all CSVs in the directory (default setting), or, you can specify a date range, and all CSVs outside that range will be ignored.

In Firefox 3, when a new directory is selected or SRR loads (it remembers the last directory), the date selection calendar automatically updates to show the first date data is available for, and the last.

The CSV files do not have to be uniform - if they do not all contain the same keywords and/or search engines, SRR can still sort the data correctly.

SRR can distinguish between international versions of a search engine, even if they are both contained in the same file.

Graph View

Graph view allows you to view a graph showing rankings over the specified period by keyword.

Only one keyword may be viewed at a t